Sonia Beldom is an expert presentation and pitching skills trainer, confidence coach and media trainer. She is also a public speaker, TV talent casting director, writer and ideas developer. Sonia brings her experience as a TV and radio producer to create a unique brand of training which is energetic, immersive, transformational and empowering. Clients always comment on how useful it is to be filmed and have detailed one-to-one feedback. Her casting company, 'The Celebrity Execs' is in huge demand across the TV, advertising and PR industry.

She was part of the team to bring “An Idiot Abroad”, “

Victoria’s Empire” and “Elizabeth Taylor: Auction of a Lifetime” to the screen and can often be seen driving a heritage red Routemaster bus through London’s West End.

Sonia’s blog about growing up with a mum with mental health issues has raised awareness for the cause through sharing her bittersweet tragicomedy stories on She is an Executive Coach for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, helping women in developing countries build their brand, business and personal confidence. She is one of the personal success coaches for The Coaching Academy, an advocate for mental health, especially for young people and is a media volunteer for MIND.

“I’m passionate about helping people find their voice and gaining the confidence to speak in public, at interviews, on TV and radio. If you treat public speaking as a conversation and make it all about them you’ll be amazed at how effective you can be.”

D&AD Festival “Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills” workshop 2019

D&AD Festival “Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills” workshop 2019

D&AD Festival “Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills” workshop 2019

D&AD Festival “Powerful Presentation and Pitching Skills” workshop 2019

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Media and Presentation training for you and your team will bring lasting results in a competitive marketplace where people buy people.  Most new business is won on a great pitch or presentation and in a world where a lot of our work is done online, presenting and pitching skills are essential in our work lives.

From a career in radio and television working with presenters, contributors and people new to broadcasting,  Sonia's bespoke courses are energetic, effective and will equip you with a toolbox of stackable skills you can use when pitching, presenting, speaking at events and meeting with clients.


Helping managers, leaders and aspiring executives to build and maintain a strong professional and executive presence by building the skills to help you inspire your team, work effectively with every personality type, to recognise and nurture individual skills and build an emotional intelligence mindset. It’s all about the RULES OF C . COMMUNICATION by keeping your eye on the big picture whilst communicating your vision up and down. CONNECTIONS within your workplace and the larger business world. Maintaining a CALM presence in every aspect of your life. Promoting, radiating and inspiring CONFIDENCE, speaking with CLARITY in your own voice, written word, social media, press & media facing situations and meetings from one-to-one to board level. CREATING A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION as you never get a second chance to make a great first impression.


Ever wondered how the influencers do it?  With solid camera confidence skills your video content will stand out above the competition.  By developing your natural style and creating your unique social media & online presence,  camera confidence will elevate you,  your business and your website above the competition.  Customers always spend more time on websites with video content, so let's get you relaxed, confident and building your brand.


Stories makes us feel something. They speak to the visual and emotional part of our brain and stories stays with us differently from facts and data.  Learn how to entertain, inform and inspire your audience with your talk, meeting, elevator pitch or presentation by creating a lasting story that they will remember.


It takes skill, research and bravery to make a fantastic wedding speech. We will work one-to-one on your speech, prepare the outline, compile a set of handy notes and learn the special tips and tricks on how to engage with your audience and please everybody - from great grandma to the page boys.

Make your speech one to remember.






Building a strong brand is essential to promote your business, yourself and your values. 

Good branding secures your stake in a competitive world marketplace, so make it count with CONSISTENCY,  STRENGTH,  VALUE and RESPONSIBILITY.

Sonia runs branding workshops for individuals, start-ups and established companies wanting to broaden their appeal,  maximise their visibility and hit the headlines.  Years of pitching commissioned television ideas has proven how important it is to be able to explain your concept in 2 sentences, have the right facts and anecdotes to breathe life into any project or business and to have a very clear idea of what customers will get out of working with you.

From designing a logo, creating your USP capsule pitch or looking at how new business practices can improve your brand value, Sonia draws on her work in the creative industries as well as her vast experience with clients from the world of science, finance, property, retail, the arts and the creative industries.

Sonia regularly hosts discussion formats on branding and runs workshops for entry level entrepreneurs.






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The Celebrity Execs is a bespoke celebrity talent casting business created by Sonia Beldom and Sue Green. 

We fix famous faces and find future stars for television projects,  advertising campaigns, charities and events.  

"Sue and Sonia are top class when it comes to all things celeb. Not only do they have the contacts at their fingertips they are completely unflappable and a joy to work with."


"We trust Sonia and Sue implicitly. Right now the industry needs a highly experienced independent high profile casting resource who management companies like ROAR can trust and know all discussions with The Celebrity Execs will be handled confidentially, professionally and with wisdom."

- Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE   Chairman, ROAR Group


I attended your taster talk to presentation skills at D&AD festival. I wanted to say it was absolutely amazing, I am in awe of you.
— HM, workshop delegate

“Thanks so much for giving up your time and giving such an interesting and practical session to our Year 13s. You really had some excellent tips!”

MC, Henrietta Barnett School

"Sonia hugely increased my confidence for public speaking. Her gentle encouragement and nudging together with watching myself on film was very helpful. Sonia pointed out important changes I could make to improve my impact and it was hugely enjoyable working with Sonia - I highly recommend her".

- So'N,  COO Royal Opera House

"Everyone has commented on how useful the presentation training has been and how incredible it was how you mapped each of us individually and so accurately! Thanks again for all your help. The structure was perfect and I could see people engaged the whole way through."

- CF, Denomination Design

"We have had very good internal feedback about the training, so thank you for providing such an excellent day."

- RM, Life-Healthcare

"Thank you Sonia - you rock !!"

- RB,  Heck Foods

"Sonia - you took me from colleague to leader - thank you for showing me how to unleash my confidence"


"You've been such a help ... I can't thank you enough"

- NC-S, Talk to the Press




Research your audience, your clients, your customers and make sure that your clothing style is appropriate.  Create your own style of course and check if it's in keeping with those around you.  Always keen a smart jacket in reserve, just in case.


If you look like you care about your own appearance it will send the signal that you will care about your customers, clients or colleagues too.   Keep a comb or brush close at hand.  


People want to work with people who make them feel comfortable, relaxed and valued.  When you stay positive it sends a confident, empowering signal to everyone that they will be appreciated and listened to.  

Think   "I'm looking forward to finding our more about your business" rather than  "I don't know anything about you"


Fail to prepare ... prepare to fail.  We all have time to grab a coffee, so we all have time to prepare for a meeting, presentation, discussion or pitch.  Make sure you've got your strong opening and closing line and everything in between will fall into place.


We smile at friends, at things we enjoy, when we're happy, so why not do it more?


Deep breaths from the diaphragm will give you the oxygen you need to relax and calm your nerves.  Deep breathing shows confidence and control, helps reduce voice fluctuations and gives you natural volume when you speak.


Focus on your positives, understand your personality traits and see yourself as others may see you. Easier said than done?  Confidence coaching can help you and transform your life.  



All courses are tailored to individual clients.  Here is an example of the most popular workshops and courses

camera presenting.jpg


For individuals, groups & companies

Half-day and full-day courses

Learn the basics of powerful, memorable and authentic presenting and pitching skills.

Understand the secrets of verbal and non-verbal communication, positive body language and how to create a great first impression.

Create your unique presenting style.

Learn how to put together a winning pitch, how to promote your personal or company messages and deliver great content.

Gain the skills to conquer nerves, stay focussed and enjoy the process



For individuals and press teams facing media, cameras, printed word or radio.

Bespoke 2-hour preparation sessions, half-day or full-day courses

We live in a media-savvy world, so learn how to promote your business or brand for all media; tv, radio and print.

Learn how to create an empowering, quotable and memorable press campaign and understand how to stay focussed on your key messages in a stressful press environment.

Understand the differences between delivering press content on camera, microphone and print.

Acquire the skills for answering difficult questions and how toavoid the regular pitfalls and traps set by challenging journalists.

Learn the format of a LIVE broadcast situations and how to perform brilliantly on camera or in the radio studio.


BUilding your brand

For individuals & small businesses

Half-day and full-day courses

Understand the importance of consistency, tone, message, authenticity and trust.

Learn how colour, design and tone can work best with your logo, branding and online presence.

Study and brand-leaders and learn their secrets.

Develop your unique online presence to substantiate, expand and enliven your brand.

For information on all courses, workshops, training days, celebrity casting and executive coaching please say hello here and I will come back to you within 24 hours.


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