All courses are tailored to individual clients.  Here is an example of the most popular workshops and courses

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For individuals, groups & companies

Half-day and full-day courses

Learn the basics of powerful, memorable and authentic presenting and pitching skills.

Understand the secrets of verbal and non-verbal communication, positive body language and how to create a great first impression.

Create your unique presenting style.

Learn how to put together a winning pitch, how to promote your personal or company messages and deliver great content.

Gain the skills to conquer nerves, stay focussed and enjoy the process



For individuals and press teams facing media, cameras, printed word or radio.

Bespoke 2-hour preparation sessions, half-day or full-day courses

We live in a media-savvy world, so learn how to promote your business or brand for all media; tv, radio and print.

Learn how to create an empowering, quotable and memorable press campaign and understand how to stay focussed on your key messages in a stressful press environment.

Understand the differences between delivering press content on camera, microphone and print.

Acquire the skills for answering difficult questions and how toavoid the regular pitfalls and traps set by challenging journalists.

Learn the format of a LIVE broadcast situations and how to perform brilliantly on camera or in the radio studio.


BUilding your brand

For individuals & small businesses

Half-day and full-day courses

Understand the importance of consistency, tone, message, authenticity and trust.

Learn how colour, design and tone can work best with your logo, branding and online presence.

Study and brand-leaders and learn their secrets.

Develop your unique online presence to substantiate, expand and enliven your brand.